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Timelapse, Interstate 90 into New York City at sunset

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On the OC beach…

On the OC beach…

No thanks

Thanks for the offer to sit with you at lunch.

However, I don’t accept invitations from people who start discussing an issue and insist their viewpoint is correct.

I also don’t sit with people who immediately state their disbelief of any proof you offer.

I won’t sit with people who then refuse to listen to any further rational discussion on the issue, stating that they ‘do not care as much as I do’.

And I definitely don’t spend time with people who read the headline of an article presuming that it tells the whole truth of the story without reading the contents.

How dare you suggest my;

- Knowledge (I lived where you are talking about, you haven’t even visited)

- Research (I promise you that before moving to this country of yours that I got a grip of what my country was like)

- Rational thought process (I can read your ‘articles’ {I couldn’t call it impartial research if I tried} wording and intention and understand what exactly they are trying to convey and their intended audience wants to hear)

- Intent to defend myself and my home country

- Time

Is not worth your time because you don’t care.

Nov 7


Swing State: (Noun)

A state where the metro population is similar to the rural population.

Ohio is such because Cleveland, Columbus & Cincinnati are large metro areas whose population balance the rural areas.

Florida is similar because the Miami area, Tampa, Orlando & Jacksonville metro areas match the size of the rural population.

Nov 2


It seems to me that the Internet is a fluid, not a solid.

BBS -> IRC -> ICQ -> MSN -> MySpace -> Skype -> Facebook -> Twitter.

I wouldn’t bet the farm on any one thing becoming the norm for too long.

Oct 1

Real cities…

So, every time I have more time in a real sized city in America, even though I may not like some parts of the city, the sheer number of options and things excites me.

Maybe it’s just the travel bug, but it does make me miss cities of 1million+…

And my beloved Melbourne…

Why would anyone choose to argue with someone who is clearly more experienced, higher in the chain of command and offering to help unless they were an arrogant fool?

Don’t let others expectations be all that you strive for. Push beyond that and experience the exceptional.


Hey, jerks with blogs, news sites, columnists & general get paid per click kind of jobs, shut up about 600k, 200k, 140k whatever Mac’s with ONE virus.

Yes, it’s a new thing for a highly exploitable vulnerability to hit OS X, but any of those numbers still pale in comparison to the number of currently under patched, overly vulnerable WinTel boxes carrying around root kits, viruses, Trojans and spyware.

Get over with it, and get to work spreading news of HOW TO FIX IT, rather than how horrible this new problem is!

Fact of the matter is that unpatched machines with unwise users at the keyboard will ALWAYS catch Viruses, just like morons that Text and Drive will always cause accidents.

Siri on iPhone 4 with Google Voice API. Made the phone a bit slower and didn’t have the same Siri humor, but wasn’t too far off it.

Siri on iPhone 4 with Google Voice API. Made the phone a bit slower and didn’t have the same Siri humor, but wasn’t too far off it.

Internet History

Along time ago, I had a LiveJournal, frequented IRC & BBS’s, made friends just because we talked and shared stories for the hell of it.

I don’t know why, but I feel like some things change, and some stay the same.  I just re-found one of the people I befriended on LJ before it got tacky and went the way of ICQ & MySpace and died.. and well, they have had a boobjob, but they are still video game obsessed and still in the same job (stripping, but with some career improvements).  

I wondered, would they even know me anymore, even though my internet nickname hasn’t changed since then?  Did I make an impression, then, now, ever?

Then I laughed, Do I care?  No.. and not because of their job, or their attitude, but mostly because times have changed.  

I look for friends who will last beyond the internet, beyond distances of 10,000 miles, and beyond opinions.

Maybe, I’ve changed.  Maybe I don’t miss the days of random chats with strangers, but reminisce about them instead.

Bam wearing Electric in the best rude song ever.

Bam wearing Electric in the best rude song ever.

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Yahoo Account Terminated.. way overdue to have done that…..

Yahoo Account Terminated.. way overdue to have done that…..

When did people start believing that honest wasn’t the best policy??

Oct 6

Father of the Macintosh..

Unexpectedly sad, for a man I never met, whose work I’ve followed since I was a child, whose age is scarily close to my father’s, and whose efforts will go on remembered for years on this planet.

RIP Steve Jobs.